Volume 3, 2021



Veselina Georgieva Zhekova
Pages: 121-126

ABSTRACT: Swimming is a sport that involves activity in several segments of the human body. The neck and shoulders are highly loaded and mobile anatomical regions arranged in the motor chains of swimming. Active swimmers often suffer from functional and organic damage in this area because of mechanical overload. The purpose of this article is to look at common problems in the neck and shoulder area in people practicing this sport and therapeutic approaches applied in the practice of the physician specialist in physical and rehabilitation medicine. The most common risk factors for pain and muscle imbalance in the neck and shoulders in swimmers as well as complaints, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment are presented. The clinical case shows the importance of the correct body position and breathing technique in the water for the good health and the results of the athlete.


Keywords: swimmers, cervical-shoulder complex, risk factors, pain, muscle imbalance


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