Volume 3, 2021



Vesela Eneva, Ivet Koleva
Pages: 23-28

ABSTRACT: Overweight is a medical condition with serious consequences on the quality of life and health status. Obesity is a global problem for the public health. First signs of obesity are poor lymphatic circulation and fluid retention, inflated adipocytes, decreased lipolysis, local hypoxia and appearance of Edematous Fibrosclerotic Panniculopathy (commonly known as Cellulite). The aim of the present study is to evaluate the effect of application of a contemporaneous physical modality (device D-finitive EVO) on the complications of overweight. One overweight woman (45 years old) has participated in this study with body mass index 26.44 (height -158 cm, weight – 66 kg). Her complaints include leg swelling, local accumulation of fat in the gluteo-femoral zone, probably consequence of reduced physical activity. No concomitant diseases. We applied 8-weeks program of D-finitive EVO device (8 sessions, one weekly), balanced diet and physiotherapy program. D-finitive EVO is a platform with Digital Rotation Vacuum System for lymphatic drainage, Radio Frequency (2,6 MHz for cellulite reduction), cryotherapy (with temperature of -5ºC for fat removal) and diode lipo-laser (wavelength 650 nm for skin tightening). Functional evaluation was done using physical assessment tests and Contact Thermography (Cellu-Vision). At the end of the therapeutic course, we observed positive results on obesity level, decrease of limb swelling and reduction of cellulite in the treatment area. This study demonstrates beneficial effects of the application of this complex rehabilitation program on overweight and its complications.


Keywords: Obesity, Edematous fibrosclerotic panniculopathy ,Physiotherapy, D-finitive EVO, Cellu-vision


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