Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov University is the only state-owned institution of higher education in Southeast Bulgaria;
•    It was established on 6th October 1963 by Decree No 162 of the Council of Ministers as Institute of Chemical Technology.
•    Five years later the institute was renamed into Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov Higher Institute of Chemical Technology.
•    In 1995 by virtue of a National Assembly decision it is established as Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov University.
•    Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov University is institutionally accredited by decision No16 of 17.05.2007 of the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency for a period of 6 years
•    Tuition at the University is carried out in the following major structural divisions:
nn zero pointnn arrow nFaculty of technical sciences,
nn zero pointnn arrow nFaculty of natural sciences
nn zero pointnn arrow nFaculty of social sciences
nn zero pointnn arrow nTechnical College,
nn zero pointnn arrow nMedical College
nn zero pointnn arrow nCollege of Tourism.
•    The educational process and research works are supported by the following divisions as well:
nn zero pointnn arrow nDepartment of foreign language studies
nn zero pointnn arrow nCentral scientific research laboratory
nn zero pointnn arrow nComputer Centre
nn zero pointnn arrow nLibrary and information complex
nn zero pointnn arrow nCareer development centre
nn zero pointnn arrow nStudy and practice complex
nn zero pointnn arrow nPublishing centre 

Tuition is carried out in 29 accredited Bachelor and over 60 Master programs. Students, studying at the University, acquire the educational and qualification degrees of “professional Bachelor”, “Bachelor” and “Master”, as well as the educational and qualification degree of “Doctor”.
The University has signed 68 contracts of educational, scientific and cultural cooperation with similar organisations in Bulgaria and abroad.

The Mission of Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov University is to provide educational and scientific training of highly-qualified, morally sound and competitive specialists with higher education in the areas of pedagogical, humanitarian, economic, natural, technical, social and health-care sciences, establishing it as a leading academic, scientific research and cultural community of regional, national, European and global significance.
Major strategic goal: Providing constant growth and sustainable development through innovations, optimal combination of scientific research in fundamental and applied sciences with tuition and continual qualification in accordance with the European Qualifications framework, as well as the needs of the national and international labour markets.
Specific goals:
•    Strengthening and development of the University structure through expansion and establishment of the democratic principle in the overall management and functioning of the institution
•    Providing and maintaining high quality of educational and scientific process, which acts as a guarantee of sustainable and competitive development within the common European educational and scientific research area.
•    Expansion of international educational, scientific research and cultural  cooperation with similar institutions
•    Provision of sustainable investment and transparent financial policy, maintenance and renovation of the University material and technical facilities

Major priorities:
•    Creation of communication management strategy, providing favourable information environment, enhancing confidence and promote the standing of the University and the academic community on both national and international scale.
•    Expanding the University profile by opening new, attractive and high-demand specialties, joint education with other institutions of higher education in Bulgaria and abroad;
•    Encouraging and supporting students’ participation in all forms of management;
•    Preservation and development of the educational and scientific human resources of the University structure, using the new opportunities, provided by the educational and professional regulations;
•    Recruitment and development of young reliable specialists coming from the academic and business circles;
•    Creating conditions for a more flexible educational and scientific mobility of students and academic staff;
•    Encouraging the scientific research and educational activities and the creativity of the students to form them as professionals of а new type, adequate  to the requirements of 21st century Europe;
•    Establishing the University as a centre of scientific, applied and academic research and technologies, taking it to the leading positions in National University rating system.
•    Continuing the tradition in establishment of international contract-based cooperation and partnership for more active exchange in the area of education and scientific research;
•    Providing viable and transparent financial management with the active participation and partnership of the Syndicate organization and the basic divisions of the University.
•    Continuation of the income growth policy and binding the financial incentives and social benefits with the actual labour and creative contribution.
•    In active partnership with the Syndicate and Student Councils, expanding social benefits for academic staff, employees and students, including better healthcare, good rest and vacations.

Operating objectives and activities:
•    Better integration within the University and mobility for efficient use of human, material and financial resources
                        Time of performance: permanent
•    Application of new approaches to encourage the professional and creative activity of the academic community
                        Time of performance: permanent
•    Updating the University web-site and harmonizing it with the European educational standards.
Time of performance: by April 2012
•    Establishment of new Faculty of Medical sciences, public health and healthcare (FMSPHHC) within the structure of the University.
                    Time of performance: by September 2012
•    Updating University Rules and regulations: on academic activities; on academic staff development; on appraisal of academic staff and employees
Time of performance: by June 2012
•    Innovation of the University quality system focusing on harmonization of academic documentation with the European educational standards;
                        Time of performance: by May 2012
•    Development of the Career Centre at the University, improving the interrelations with business circles for better selection of the students and full realization of the graduates;
                        Time of performance: permanent
•    Acquisition of   Extended Erasmus University Charter, allowing a more active international exchange and study of the European business and good practices by students and academic staff;
                    Time of performance: by 30th March 2012
•    Creation of international teams for participation in projects, financed by the EU Structural Funds;
                        Time of performance: permanent
•    Improving foreign language qualification of the academic staff and creation of mobile teaching teams, providing quality tuition of foreign students.
                        Time of performance: permanent
•    Development of a complex of measures to increase the University’s own revenues including:
•    More active cooperation with business partners and human resources users;
•    Expansion of scientific and production activities, services, sponsorship, etc.;
•     More active attraction of foreign students and postgraduates for postgraduate qualification studies, as well as opening attractive Master programs;
•     Better use of available and potential capacity of the University material and technical facilities;
                        Time of performance: permanent
•    In regard to creation of modern material and technical facilities and optimal conditions for training specialists FMSPHHC - design, construction and equipment of a third academic building of the new faculty.
                    Time of performance: by December 2013
•    Creation of a more accessible academic, living and communication environment for students with special educational needs, including the construction of approach ramps, lifts and other specific facilities.
                    Time of performance: by December 2014

•    Overall completion of the renovations performed in the student hostels.
                    Time of performance: by December 2014
•    Implementation of the conceptual project for University main entrance.
                        Time of performance: by June 2012
•    Improving the conditions for sports and cultural activities of the students and academic staff through expanding the sports facilities and construction of two new gyms – a fitness gym and a polyvalent sports hall.
                                Time of performance: 2014
•    Permanent control on implementation of goals, priorities and activities of the University strategy.
Time of performance: permanent

    This Strategy has been approved at a session of the Academic Council on 22.03.2012.

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