Department of Foreign Languages


The Department of Foreign Languages is a main unit in the University structure. It provides foreign language (English, German, Russian, French, Polish and Czech) courses to all Professional Bachelor, Bachelor, Master and PhD degree students.

Department Structure

  • Slavic Languages and German Language Chair;
  • English and French Languages Section.

Teaching Staff

The teaching staff consists of 21 full-time lecturers and one guest lecturer, including 1 professor, 3 associate professors, and 18 assistant professors (of whom 1 Doctor of pedagogical sciences and 7 with a PhD degree).

Courses for University Students
 • Foreign languages for the humanities;
 • Foreign languages for natural sciences students;
 • Foreign languages for technical sciences and ICT students;
 • Foreign languages for students of medicine and healthcare;
 • Foreign languages for students of tourism;
 • Linguistics and literary studies for pre-primary and primary school teachers;
 • Foreign language teaching and teacher training.

Qualification and Re-Training Courses
  • Foreign language re-training course for pre-primary and primary school teachers to obtain English teaching qualification;
  • Foreign language courses (Levels A1 to C1);
  • Foreign language courses for specific purposes.

Research Areas
  • Foreign language Teaching Methodology;
  • Comparative Linguistics;
  • Intercultural contacts and country studies;
  • Distance foreign language learning and ICT in education.

Our Mission and Aims

Our mission is to provide high-quality language training, including the use of proven teaching methods and approaches and modern technology.

Our main goal is to meet the demands of the rapidly changing technological 21st century and teach our students so that their language knowledge, skills and competences can enable them to participate in international mobility programmes and guarantee their professional success in Bulgaria and the EU.

International Activities

The teaching staff of the Department of Foreign Languages has participated in a number of international projects under EU programmes or organized by the cultural departments of the British, Spanish and French Embassies.

We have close cooperation with universities in France, Germany, the UK, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latia, Portugal, etc. under the Erasmus+ programme or bilateral agreements.

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