The Faculty of Social Sciences was established in 2000 by merging the Business faculty and the Pedagogical faculty.

Major areas of research:
Effectiveness and management of production, business planning, accountancy, finances, market research;
Management of sales, study of market behavior, advertising, public relations; Industrial technologies and protection of the environment;
Numerical methods and information technologies in education and production;
Current issues of training and modern educational techniques and methods in nursery and primary school;
Early foreign language teaching;
Social adaptation and integration of the young;
Ancient History; Modern and Contemporary World History; History of Bulgaria; Archeology; Philosophy; Ethics and Aesthetics; Psychology;
Study of Bulgarian languages; Interpretation of literature, and understanding culture through texts; Children’s literature; Bulgarian literature.

Facilities: 24 lecture and seminar halls, 3 multifunctional halls, 9 specialized halls, computer rooms, a TV studio and TV hall, a standing gallery.

Faculty of Social Sciences
Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov University
1, Prof. Yakimov Blvd.
Burgas 8010, Bulgaria,
tel.: (+ 359 56) 86 00 19; (+ 359 56) 858 101
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Economics and Management
Marketing and Tourism
Industrial Technologies and Management
Pedagogy and Psychology
Department of Teaching Methods
History and Philosophy
Bulgarian language and Literature

Bachelor and Master Programs
At present there are 11 BA programs and broad-based and more specific MA programs.

Bachelor Programs:
Business Management; Marketing; Industrial management; Tourism;
Social Pedagogy; Pre-school and Primary School Pedagogy; Primary School Pedagogy with Foreign Language; Pre-School Pedagogy with Foreign Language;
Bulgarian language and History; History and Psychology; Bulgarian Philology;

After successful completion of the BA program, students are awarded the Professional qualification:
Business/Tourism/Marketing Manager;
Engineering Manager;
Primary and pre-primary schoolteacher;
Primary school teacher and primary schoolteacher in foreign language;
Pre-primary schoolteacher and pre-primary schoolteacher in foreign language;
Teacher in Bulgarian language;
Teacher in History;
Teacher in Civic and Social Sciences;

Master Programs
The Faculty of Social Sciences offers full-time and part-time MA Programs in the field of Pedagogical Sciences, Humanities and in the field of Social, Economic and Law Sciences. After successful completion, students are awarded the professional qualification:
Master of business management;
Master of industrial management;
Master of tourism;
Master of Bulgarian philology;
Master of pedagogy.

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