Department of History and Philosophy


The Department was established in 1989 under the name “Social sciences”. In 2000 it was renamed “Social and natural sciences” and in 2009 it changed once again its name to “History and Philosophy”.

Department staff`s scientific interests and teaching activities are in the fields of Archaeology, Ancient history, Mediaeval history, Modern and Contemporary history, Balkan history, Philosophy and Ethics.

The department staff conducts teaching courses for bachelors in BA programs: Bulgarian Language and History, History and Psychology and for masters in History. Each year 40 students of the Department qualify for a bachelor’s degree.

With the support of leading business organizations from Burgas region, a student scientific conference is held every year. At this session, students make successfully their first steps in the research work and there they receive valuable recommendations for their future practice. The first student scientific conference was held in 1995.

BA programs, administered by the Department of History and Philosophy

The Department of History and Philosophy offers two BA programs:
The Bulgarian language and history program;
The History and Psychology program.

The objective of these BA programs is to produce professionals with close relations to Bulgarian language and literature area, as well as history and psychology area, by cultivating practical abilities to work independently and in a team environment.

Students acquire extensive knowledge and practical skills through lecture courses, workshops, multimedia interactive training, individual research assignments and visits to schools. Students can refine their expertise in their field of study by using audio-, video-, computer and communication technologies, etc.

After completing the course of study, students obtain a BA degree and the professional qualification Teacher in Bulgarian Language and Literature; Teacher in History; Teacher in Civic and Social Sciences. Graduates can actively participate in the educational, scientific, methodical, organizational and managerial sectors in the fields of education and culture. They can enroll in master degree programs in the fields of letters, history, psychology and pedagogy, and can further develop their professional skills by completing a doctoral course and a doctoral dissertation.

MA programs, administered by the Department of History and Philosophy

The Department of History and Philosophy offers one Master program:
Innovations in History teaching at School

The program offers profound knowledge in the field of history with a focus on the development of professional and practical skills in history teaching.


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Copyright University "Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov" 2011