“Biotechnology" at the University "Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov"

The main objective of the specialty "Biotechnology" at the University "Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov" is through disciplines such as biochemistry, enzymology, microbiology, basic engineering biotechnology, immunology, genetics, biotechnology industries, environmental biotechnology, technology of pharmaceuticals, technology of beer and wine and etc. to train staff to be leaders both in academicals and in the industrial sphere. Department of Biotechnology has modern equipment necessary to train the students. It provides favorable environment in which scientific work and education go hand in hand with integration into the industrial environment.

 The mission of the specialized department "Biotechnology" is to prepare highly competitive specialists in the field of industrial biotechnology to develop research and teaching potential, to cooperate with universities and other institutions at national and international level.

The department received program accreditation from the National Agency for Assessment and Accreditation training degree "Bachelor" and "Master" of specialty Biotechnology and educational and scientific degree "PhD" in scientific specialty Technology of biologically active substances. Each year the Department has trained about 200 bachelors and 20 masters and 2-3 doctoral students in accredited curricula:
1. Bachelor degree of Specialty of "Biotechnology".
2. Master`s degree - "Industrial Biotechnology".
3. Master`s degree - "Analysis and control of foods".

 Graduated students receive qualification engineer-biotechnology.

In academic halls and laboratories have undergone training over 450 students, they have successfully graduated after State examination or diploma thesis. During the past years the department has successfully implemented mentoring and defended their dissertation work more than 11 Ph.D students. Based on the results of its research and teaching are habilitated 6 assoc. professors and professors.

Training is taught by qualified teachers. Members of the department are two professors, three associate professors, two assistant professors and 3 assistants. The department was founded in 1991 through the efforts of the first Head of Department Assoc. prof. Blaga Shopova.

Research in the department is developing in connection with the learning process and helps its continuous improvement .For us is challenging the establishment and implementation of new technologies and to obtain various bio products to create enzymes and immune- biosensors for control of the quality and safety of food and water for the study of metal-peptide complexes and solving problems related to environmental pollution.

The main scientific areas in which research is carried out are the following:
1. Preparation of immobilized enzymes, antibodies, and the establishment of sensitive and selective biosensors. Applications of biosensors for environmental control and monitoring of medicine.
2. Create a sensitive and selective biosensor for analysis and control of food.
3. Obtaining of immobilized microbe cells and application of biodegradation and biotransformation of toxic components.
4. Obtaining of immobilized catalyst for the oxidation of alkenes with organic hydroperoxides.
5. We prepare complexes between amino acids, peptides and proteins with heavy metals.

 We successfully develop in the field of international cooperation. Under the program "Erasmus" was hold bilateral exchange of our experts from specialty Biotechnology, from the University of "Prof. Dr. Zlatarov "and specialists from the Medical University of Naples, Italy. There is also bilateral cooperation on scientific research between our specialty and Fudan University, Shanghai, China and Ecological Institute, Chennai, India.

The results of the research have been published in hundreds of scientific articles which are presented in reports and messages of national and international scientific forums.

Much of graduated engineers in biotechnology are employed, which corresponds to the qualifying characteristics. Mainly graduates are appointed as technologists, managers of shift units, researchers in biotechnology companies or managers of enterprises in quality and knowledge in food and beverage productions. Skills and knowledge who have received our colleagues have given them the opportunity to develop a successful business career.

If we have a look at the future of the education in the field of biotechnology in University of "Prof. Dr. Zlatarov "and the realization of frames with confidence we can say that the specialty will occupy its rightful and stable place in the structure of the University. Modern approval of biotechnology as one of the priority sectors of the economy not only in Bulgaria and Europe but also globally, opening new areas for research and teaching.

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Copyright University "Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov" 2011