Department of Computer Systems and Technologies


The fast development and the advancement in the field of computer and information technologies as well as the large number of IT companies that work in the country are in need of high-qualified professionals that are able to use the recent technological innovations. The demand for well-trained professionals in the computer science field is constantly growing.

The department of Computer Systems and Technologies (CST) is constantly expanding. At the moment the department is a leading unit for tuition in the following areas: Computer Systems, Programming and Computer Technologies, Telecommunications and multimedia systems, Intuitionistic fuzzy sets and Neural Networks.

The lecturers at CST also teach students in other faculties of “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov” University. There are opportunities for foreign language learning.

The department has research and training laboratories. They are equipped with up-to-date computers, specialized high-technology hardware, various peripherals and other laboratory kits.

CST has built a beneficial cooperation with many educational and research institutions in European countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Slovakia, and has successful experience with the "Erasmus +" programme for exchange of students and lecturers. The department staff members and students participate in many international and national research projects.

CST is in close collaboration with many IT companies in Bulgaria, aimed at providing high quality education and training and ensure successful professional employment of the graduated computer engineers.

The department offers the following Bachelor programmes:
• Computers Systems and Technologies – learning plan;
• Network Technologies, Multimedia and Design – learning plan;

And the following Master programmes:
• Computers Systems and Technologies (3 semesters);
• Computers Systems and Technologies (4 semesters);
• Software Technologies (3 semesters);

For the ambitious young people the department offers a PhD programme in Computer Systems and Technologies.

The department has of 11 lecturers - one professor, four associate professors, three assistant professors and three teaching assistants.

The department disposes of six specialized laboratories in the following areas:
- Intelligent Systems;
- Computer Communications;
- Computer Hardware;
- Computer Architectures;
- Embedded Systems;
- Multimedia.

Since its foundation in 2010, the department has won nine national and international projects.



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Copyright University "Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov" 2011