Department of “Chemical technologies” was founded in 2019 as a result of the merging of the lecturing staff of the departments of “Organic chemical technologies and chemical engineering” and “Technology of water, inorganic substances and silicates”. The two departments have been formed with the founding of the Higher Institute of Chemical Technology and, over time, were subjected to various organizational changes. They have long history and accumulated experience in both education of chemical engineers and in science. Today, the Department of “Chemical technologies” teaches students of the professional field of “Chemical technologies” with educational degrees of Bachelor and Master.

The main goal of the education is to train qualified chemical technology specialists in chemical technologies which are to meet the needs of chemical engineers in the enterprises of the chemical and other industries.

The education of the specialists involves the acquisition of profound knowledge in the fields of::

  • Inorganic chemical technologies, e.g. production of ceramics, glass, binding materials for the construction, acids, bases, phosphorus and nitrogen mineral fertilizers, sodium carbonate, preparation and purification od waste waters;
  • Organic chemical technologies, e.g. petroleum processing and petroleum chemistry, basic and fine organic synthesis in the field of polymer industry and related industries.

Possibilities for professional realization of chemical engineers after graduating the specialty:

  • Production and technological departments and design and engineering units and laboratories;
  • In mineral acids, fertilizers and industrial gas production plants; in glass, ceramics and cement production plants, as well as in water preparation and water purification plants in industry, agriculture and households;
  • In companies engaged in extraction, transportation and storage of petroleum and gas, in oil refineries, enterprises using basic and fine organic synthesis, as well as plastic and polymer industries, including enterprises for recycling of polymers and polymeric materials.

The Department of Chemical technology trains PhD applicants in several doctoral programs:

  • Technology of silicates, binding substances and high melting point non-metal materials;
  • Technology of water treatment purification;
  • Technology of natural and synthetic fuels;
  • Chemistry of high molecular weight compounds;
  • Technology and processing of plastics and fiberglass;
  • Technology of composite materials.

Over the years, members of the department have held senior positions in the Higher Institute of Chemical technology, later in the University. Rectors have been: Prof. I. Mladenov, Prof. Ts. Obretenov, Prof. G. Angelova, Prof. I. Dobrevsty, Prof. P .Petkov and the present Rector Prof. M. Mitkova. Vice Rectors have been Prof. K. Kurtev, Prof. G .Kostov, Prof. V. Nenov, Assoc.Prof. G. Yordanov, Assoc. Prof. T. Mitev, Prof. B. Bogdanov, Assoc.Prof. Zh. Tasev, Assoc .Prof. P. Tanev, Prof. Zh. Stefanov and the present Deputy Rector Prof. I. Markovska. Many lecturers have been Deans and Vice Deans of faculties.

Large number of students who have graduated with qualification of chemical engineer became leading specialists in big companies of the chemical industry and hold high management positions.

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Copyright University "Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov" 2011